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"This guy was a great presenter.  His presence in the room commanded all student attention.  Great pacing, delivery, and student interactions."

Sparks Elementary School, Sparks, MD

"The BFit show" was awesome!  Our students loved how interactive and fun it was.  They especially liked the part where they got to exercise and move."

Arrowhead ES,  Upper Marlboro, MD


"The show was very engaging - out students clearly enjoyed themselves!"

Malcom ES, Waldord, MD


"Students were highly engaged throughout the entire program.  The Presenter used excellent early childhood vocabulary for our Head Start through 2nd grade students to understand and connect through their points of view.  The presenter used an eclectic myriad of information that flowed effortlessly and made sense to students as to why the different food groups and portions were important for their health and their bodies.  The presenter connected with all of the students using music and activities that they are accustomed to throughout their personal lives at home.  Teachers enjoyed the entertainment, information, and engagement that was captivated by all students. We appreciate the show and would love a visit next year!"

Rosa L Parks ES, Hyattsville, MD

"The feedback from students, parents and teachers was outstanding. Some folks said they have never seen an entertainer engage and captivate an audience like Brian Richards did with The Magic of Reading."

Ridgeway ES, Severn, MD




"Brian Richards was very fun, knowledgeable about the magic 5, and able to handle his audience very well. We thought the blend of magic, comedy and the interactive workout was a great combination for the students all well learning how to keep their body fit. The kids at lunch did take the veggies and were eating them too! Guess some of them got the message."

Kingston ES, Kingston, MA


"I thought Brian did an excellent job of engaging the students and teaching them about healthful eating in a fun way."

Florence Sawyer Elementary School, Bolton, MA




"I am a preschool teacher at Greenwood.  We don't usually attend assemblies because of our students limited attention span.  I didn't have to worry with this assembly. Everything about it was so well thought out.  The information was presented in such a way that the children were able to picture how proper food and exercise is important to maintain a heathly body.  I felt it was a great reinforcement for me too!!  I would highly recommend this program to any elementary school!!"

Greenwood ES, St. Clair Shores, MI


"We really appreciate the enthusiasm that Mr. Richards brough to the show. He had to modify it to fit preschoo lage children and he did a great job. We were all laughing and enjoying the Bfit message. I look forward to booking future shows. Thank you."

Star International Academy, Dearborn Heights, MI


"The person who led the show was great.  He was funny and knew how to interact with the children well.  I have never seen some of my kids laughing so hard while still being intrigued by what was going on!"

Universal Learning Academy, Westland, MI

New Hampshire


"Brian Richards was right on when it came to handling children's behavior and keeping them attentive at all times. The program was exciting and highly educational. Well done!"

Dunbarton ES, Dunbarton, NH

"Brian did a fabulous job and our students loved him!  Lots of great feedback from teachers as well."

Alton Central School, Alton, NH

New Jersey


"Brian Richards was energetic and knew how to engage the audience and keep them interested.  There were positive reviews from both teachers and children."

Perry L. Drew School, East Windsor, NJ

"We got terrific feedback from the teachers and the students. It was enjoyable to watch and had a great message."

Woodside and Roberge Elementary Schools, River Vale, NJ

"Our camp absolutely LOVED this show. He was so interactive and entertaining! We can't wait to book a show again Next Summer!"

Diamond Gymnastics Academy, Cranford, NJ

"I just wanted to let you know that the in house event , bFIt, was excellent. The program was entertaining and the campers loved it. Great choice. I would definitely recommend to get him back next summer."

Apple Montesorri School, Towaco, NJ


"Brian did a marvelous show. He was funny, kept the children interested, taught a valuable life lesson on good nutrition, and stayed within our time constraints. My son bought raisins with his lunch that day - the first time ever! And he came home later that day searching for bananas, and at dinner requested an apple! That was clearly a result of the message Brian shared in his program. Excellent show."

Wicoff Elementary School, Plainsboro Township, NJ

"Students loved it and it fit in with our theme for the day which was Literacy."

Roosevelt School #10, Passaic, NJ

New York


"Children absolutely loved the show!  Brian was awesome!"

St. Mary's, Ballston Spa, NY

"Brian was very energetic.  He got the entire audience up on their feet.  He conducted himself very professionally and incorporated humor into his performance.  We were glad to bring this show to our school and look forward to any other programs Brian is part of."

Rolling Hills Primary, Dix Hills, NY

"The show sparks the interests of the children and captivates them. They love the magic that Brian does."

P.S. 18, Staten Island, NY

"The kids really enjoyed the show. Thanks for another great event!"

Rye YMCA Kinder Camp, Rye, NY

"Not only was the entire audience laughing from the start but so was my daughter, who is 5. There were moments, and there was a lot, where I was laughing out loud lol."

Dover Elementary School, Dover Plains, NY

"The teachers, the administrators and most importantly, the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students at C.V. Starr thoroughly enjoyed Brian Richard's bFit assembly! The students were mesmerized by his magic and both entertained and educated by his "five a day, every day" bFit program! I have received nothing but positive feedback. I even had parent's write saying that their children were talking about the assembly and what they learned for days :o)  Brain truly captured everyone's attention! His program was very interactive & everyone walked out of the auditorium with smiles! I  would highly recommend this program to other schools."

C.V Starr Intermediate, Brewster, NY

"The feedback from the staff was overwhelmingly positive. I asked the staff if they would recommend the presentation. Some comments include the following:

1) YES! This was a man who knew his audience and knew how to capture their attention. If the kids got loud or overly excited, he knew how to bring them down a notch. He was awesome!
2) I thought he was great. Students were engaged and enjoyed it. It was the perfect amount of time.
3)Hi! My class loved it! They were talking about it after and trying to figure out how he did his tricks! I think it embedded math concepts in a way that the students didn’t even realize that they were learning they just thought they were having fun! It was also great that it had music and he interacted with the audience constantly! I hope definitely recommend it! 
4) Yes! The students really enjoyed it and talked about it all day. He had great control over their behavior as well. I think it would be great to do in the beginning of the year to really emphasize the importance of math.
5)I thought it was fantastic!! He was very engaging and did really fun stuff all while the kids were learning. He had wonderful audience control and was able to keep the kids focused and quiet when it was time to be quiet. I would absolutely recommend him and hope that we will have him back next year!
6) My kids really enjoyed the presentation "Math Magic". I definitely thought he kept them engaged the entire time. It was a great way to wrap up the year, plus they learned something from it!
7) I enjoyed the presentation. He had good behavior management and kept the kids engaged. The tricks were fun, and it was good that math was emphasized, especially probability."

Northwest Elementary School, Amityville,NY





"All of the children loved the magic. Everyone thought it was awesome and engaging. Children thought Brian was extremely funny."

South Abington ES,  Chinchilla, PA

"I was not able to see the assembly personally this year, but I have already been receiving feedback through emails, comments from other P.T.A. board members, teachers, students, etc. that everyone at the school absolutely had a terrific time with the representative that you sent to the school... I have been informed that the teachers were extremely happy with the information and the way it was presented to the students.  I am sure I will be contacting you again this coming school year to do some other assemblies for us again.  Thank you so much for coming out to the school."

West Pottsgrove ES, Stowe, PA

"Brian was fantastic with the kids!  They all loved the magic and how he used the magic to get the point across! Very engaging! Our PTA does a Program Evaluation for the teachers and Brian\'s rating average was a 5! (1-poor-5-great)"

South Abington ES, South Abington, PA

"The presenter was very energetic and engaging. The students and staff really enjoyed the program."

Brooke Elementary, Limerick, PA





"Brian was fantastic.  He engaged the kids from the first minute and did a great job of keeping their attention and getting them involved.  I don't know who enjoyed it more the students or the teachers.  What a great way to get young kids to think about nutrition and fitness."

Clallam Bay Schools, Clallam Bay, WA



"The assembly was really great..."

Farmington ES, Kewaskum, WI

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