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Every Show Features...


Visually Engaging Set & Backdrop

Designed to create excitement and anticipation


Amazing Magic

Designed to intrique your students


Hysterical Comedy

Designed to engage your students


Audience Participation

Designed to involve your students and create memorable moments



Creating retention of the material learned


300 Watt Sound System

We will provide our own state-of-the-art sound system


Remote Controled Music

Creates emotion and stimulates the learning


Teacher Guide

To provide classroom discussion following the assembly


Take-Home Material

Designed to get the message home

Liability Insurance

Yes, we are covered

Get ready for a show that will get your school EXCITED about making GOOD HEALTHY CHOICES!

For over 8 years, The bFit Show has received rave reviews from schools throughout the United States.

Using magiccomedymusic, and tons of audience 

participation , Brian Richards captivates his audience and teaches them a simple formula for being FIT. 


The message is simple:  In order for our bodies to bFit, we must bFueled, bActive, and bCreative.  


In this 45 minute dynamic presentation, Brian will break down these healthy tips in a fun, engaging, positive, and memorable way.   Your students will learn:


  • Why we need at least one hour of exercise every day

  • How to get exercise during screen time

  • Why we need a balanced diet of the five healthy food groups

  • Why fruits and veggies are magic to our bodies

  • And more...


Plus, Brian will get your school up and moving in a very cool workout that is FUN and ENERGIZING.  

Need a show to kick off your health initiative?   Need a program to coincide with your Field Day?  The bFit Show is perfect for any school ready to get their students motivated for being FIT!

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